muslimbees FAQ

What is muslimbees?
muslimbees was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo and redefine the way Muslims connected globally through professional networking .We empower women by giving them the control while networking, making it acceptable for women to make the key decisions of her life. In addition to that we are a safe platform for Muslims world over to connect together for a better future with healthier relationships.


How does muslimbees work?
As a social network rooted in promoting empowerment and mutual respect, muslimbees provides ways for our users to make genuine connections. muslimbees is the first app of for Muslims to bring career-building. Users can accept profiles to create connections in the following ways:


Muslimbees Collab: A place for Muslims to professionally collaborate and network.


Is your app only for heterosexuals?
Muslimbees is for everyone but keeping in line with Islam, On Muslimbees, women make the first move. The other person has 36 hours to respond, or the connection expires.


Where can I download Muslimbees?
Muslimbees is available in your App Store and Google Play store.


Is Facebook the only way to sign up?
If you're a new user, you'll be able to register and login with either your phone number or your Facebook / Linkedin account. We suggest using Facebook / Linkedin to help build your profile by importing your name, age, etc. This speeds up the sign-up process as well as ensuring the information on your profile is genuine and reliable.


Do I have to pay for muslimbees?
muslimbees is free to download and to use. We have a few optional premium features to enhance your experience, such as muslimbees vibee and Buzzes. Muslimbees vibee unlocks added features, such as seeing users who have already accepted your your profile, re-matching with expired connections, undo swipes, getting a premium profile and an additional 4 buzzes to send a message to someone you really like along with extending certain matches for an additional 24 hours, and oh not to forget unlimited profiles.


Buzzes allow you to send a personal message to someone you like and make a great first impression, even before they have accepted your profile. Guys can also send a Buzz to nudge a match to start a conversation.


How can I verify my photo?
Once you add your photos, you will be prompted with an example of one of a hundred random photo poses by muslimbees. Take a selfie mimicking that pose and send it to our administrators using the simple step-by-step verification process outlined in-app. In a few minutes, you'll receive a confirmation or rejection of your verification.


How can I add photos?
Add photos to your profile by following these steps:

1. Start by going to your profile

2. Click on the "Edit Profile" icon

3. Click the "+" sign to upload a photo from your phone's library, import a photo from Facebook, or upload a brand new one.


How can I change my profile photo?
To change your profile photo, follow these steps:

1. Start by going to your profile 2. Click on the "Edit Profile" icon

3. Drag any of your photos to the first position in the profile preview. Everyone will now see this photo first!


How can I delete a photo?
To remove a photo from your profile, follow these steps:

1. Start by going to your profile
2. Click on the "Edit Profile" icon
3. Click on the "X" at the bottom of the photo and that photo will be deleted.


Why do I have to show my religious, education and job details?
One of the most important aspects of the muslimbees experience is that our users provide reliable information on their profiles. Religious details help you know you are in-line before you match.

Job and education information provide you with a deeper understanding of who you’re matching with. Pulling this information from your Facebook / Linkedin profile means these details are more likely to be authentic and reliable.


How can I change my location?

Your location will be automatically established by your phone's GPS and cannot be set manually. If you believe your location is incorrect, please contact our Support team so we can update our geo-database!


How can I enable location services for muslimbees on my iPhone?
To enable location services for muslimbees on iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open your device settings
2. Scroll down and select muslimbees
3. Find the "Location" option and ensure that "While Using the App" is selected


How do I enable location services for muslimbees on my Android?
To enable location services for muslimbees on an Android device, follow these steps:

1. Open your device settings

2. Scroll down and select Personal

3. Find the "Location Services" icon

4. Toggle the option from "off" to "on" muslimbees will only access your location when you have the app open.


Why has my photo been moderated?
We work hard to ensure that muslimbees is a safe and empowering platform for all of our users. Our photo moderation rules are in place to protect our community. If you photo has been moderated, it will most likely be for one of the following reasons:

  • Your photo contains erotic content

  • You're wearing swimwear or underwear. Swimwear is OK in a pool or beach setting, but no bathroom mirror selfies or similar are allowed

  • Your photo is of someone under 18 by themselves

  • Your face is not clearly visible for some reason. This can include the image file being too small, your face being obscured, or too many filters being used

  • Your photo contains a watermark

  • Your photo has a caption or text laid over it

  • You have uploaded a photo of someone who is not you

  • Your photo contains firearms, drugs or violent content.

    How do I deactivate my profile?
    We hope you're leaving us because you found the perfect match, or you've decided to just do you. To deactivate your account, please follow these steps:

    1. Open the "Settings" menu of the app.

2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the "Deactivate account" button.
3. You will then be prompted to type your reason to finalise the process. Remember you have 30 days to activate your account again.


How do I match?
Matching is simple. When you open the app you will be shown a match.


In beework – click on the tick button to accept, or scroll down to click on the cross to reject.


Can I undo a rejected profile?
If you've accidentally rejected a profile, you unfortunately cant rewind, so remember to decide carefully. However, if you are a vibee you can undo your most recent match by clicking on the undo icon at the bottom of the picture.


Why am I seeing people from an area outside of my own?
muslimbees shows you people within your selected geographical zone. So whether it be a 5mile radius or 100 mile one, or another country, you decide.


Why did I run out of people to match on?
To make sure you make the right swipes, we give you a limited number of 5 profiles per day. However, you can increase this by subscribing to premium.


How does messaging work on muslimbees?
After two users have mutually liked one another, a match is created. After a match is created. The matched profile will appear in your chats section under Match Queue. From here, you can either start a chat or continue browsing profiles. The steps that follow will depend on the user’s gender.


Women will always make the first move. If she doesn't initiate a conversation within 36 hours, the connection expires.


Men cannot initiate a conversation with women. However, they can show they're interested by sending a Buzz. A Buzz is a paid feature where you can send a message to the person giving them a reason to chat with you and along with it comes a 36 hour extension.


The above rules do not apply to same-sex or connections made in muslimbees Collab. In these cases, the first mover has 36 hours to make the first move before the connection expires.


If you are a vibee customer, you can extend an expiring match by 24 hours. How can I extend a match?

To extend an expiring connection, click on the expiring profile and choose the option to send a Buzz, which is a paid feature where you can send a message to the person and give a 36 hour extension. Alternatively become a vibe and extend it by 24 hours.


Can I get an expired match back?
Expired matches will appear in the app again, so don't worry - you'll get another chance to match with these users.

If you are a vibe user, you can rematch with an expired match.


Why has my match/message disappeared?
If a connection is no longer visible or if your conversation has disappeared, the user in question has unmatched you, deleted their account, or they've been blocked by muslimbees.


How can I recover a deleted match?
It's not possible to recover a match you've deleted. To avoid accidentally deleting a match, muslimbees asks you to verify that you want to delete a connection first.


Why am I not receiving any matches?
The more information you put into your profile, the more chances you have to find a match. You can add up to four photos to your beework profile. Having more photos will increase your chances.


What are muslimbees Buzz?
muslimbees Buzz is a premium feature for the go getters. If you have swiped right and don’t want to wait for the other person to match you or if you are a guy who wants to make a good first impression, before the girl makes a move, all you need to do is buy a Buzz and send her a Buzz, which is a short message. If the person replies it is an automatic match. Oh, and for those expiring matches it will add an extra 48 hours.


Are there any rules?
Please, check our Guidelines and Terms and Conditions to make sure you match safely and responsibly.


How can I report someone?
To report someone on muslimbees, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the person's profile
2. Scroll to the bottom of their profile and click on the "Block and Report" button;


You can also report a user from the Conversations menu:

1. Click on the information icon (three dots in a vertical row) in the top right corner of your conversation with that user

2. From here, you can unmatch with a user as well as block and report them. Click on the option you want to select.

Be sure to specify the reason for the report. Once we receive the report, we'll review it ASAP.


How can I report a fake profile?
If you come across a profile that you believe is fake, follow these steps to report it:

1. Tap on the user's bio

2. Scroll to the bottom and select the "Block and Report" option

3. Select the option to "Report"

4. Choose "Stolen Photo" as your report reason and include any additional comments for our moderation team

5. Tap "Send"


If you have already matched and started a conversation with a user that you'd like to report, the process will be a little bit different

1. From your conversation, tap on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner

2. Select the option to "Report"

3. Choose "Stolen Photo" as your report reason and include any additional comments for our moderation team

4. Tap "Send"


How can I unblock a user?
Once you've blocked a user, it's not possible to unblock them.